Australian scholarships

We have applied for a number of grants to fund conference attendance for Australian toy librarians and volunteers. Each grant will have different eligibility criteria and will be announced at different times. Please apply as soon as possible to be eligible for the greatest number of scholarships.


Usually, scholarships for Greater Melbourne delegates will cover the conference and social events fees. For delegates from the rest of Australia, the scholarship will include funding for travel costs and sometimes accommodation. If you have already registered for the conference and later win a scholarship we will refund the conference and social event fees already paid.

Many councils provide small grants which might be able to fund conference attendance. Contact us if you need help writing a grant application 

Delegates at the 15th International Toy Library Conference

International scholarships (applications now closed)

5 Scholarships were available to fund travel to the conference, 2 for New Zealand toy librarians and 3 for delegates from the rest of the world. Each scholarship includes:

  • New Zealand: $500 towards flights International: $1000 towards flights

  • Conference fees including tickets to all social events

  • Accommodation at a homestay with an Australian toy librarian.

Scholarship winners are being announced on our Facebook page.