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The conference is your opportunity to share your toy library work and play experience with the delegates, through a presentation, workshop, or display (poster, electronic or table). What you have to share could be formal research, how you've developed toy libraries in your country, a toy-making workshop, or a play session - it can really be anything relevant to toy libraries.  

Applications close soon. You can submit more than one application. All applications will be peer-reviewed by a selection panel during November. You will receive written feedback by 30 November 2022.

Selection Panel

The Selection Panel for the International Toy Library Conference consists of experts in the field of toy libraries. They are responsible for reviewing and evaluating all the abstracts received to ensure a good quality conference for all attendees. We are proud to introduce our Selection Panel to you.


Dr Monica Stach

President, International Toy Library Association, South Africa


Poai Hong Wong

President, Association of
Toy Libraries Malaysia


Debbie Williams

Chief Executive Officer,

Toy Libraries Australia


Ana Lourenço

Senior Pyschologist, Actividade Lúdica IAC

Maria Celia.jfif

Maria Celia Malta Campos

President, Brazilian Toy Libraries Association


Louise Bell

Western Australia Development Officer, Toy Libraries Australia

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